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Maintenance Content for November 30

Dear visitors,

Welcome to [Identity V]!

To ensure smooth operation, Identity V will issue a hotfix on Thursday, at 08:00 (UTC+8).

- This week's maintenance will be replaced by a hotfix. The hotfix will begin at 08:00 on November 30, 2023 (UTC+8), during which most of the game modes will remain available, including Quick Match, Custom Mode, Events, and Logic Path. (Note: The entrance to Ranked Match will be closed during the hotfix. However, Ranked Matches already in progress will not be affected.)

- After 10:30 (UTC+8), players will have to exit the game to receive the latest patch. All game modes will be back online once the latest patch is installed (time is subject to postponement should there be any issues).

- If there are still players who have not installed the latest patch by 11:00 (UTC+8), the server will perform a forced update. During this time, these players will be forced to log out, and can play again once the game client has been restarted (time may be subject to postponement should there be any issues).
November 30 Update Overview

- Do you sense his concealed breathing in the darkness? It is a void that is close yet out of reach. The Night Watch's Deduction Star Series A-Rarity Costume "Invisible Man" is now available for purchase at 1,388 Echoes or 4,888 Fragments. Save 25% when purchasing with Echoes (1,038 Echoes) during the first week!

Availability: November 30, 2023 (after maintenance)

- "Fool's Gold" can no longer retrieve his Pickaxe while it is still in flight.
[Experience Improvements]

- Increased the speed of the special effects for the Gamekeeper's Chain Hook when hitting or trapping a Survivor.

- Optimized the matchmaking mechanics for Blackjack Mode. Players on PC and mobile can now crossplay and join the same matchmaking queues.

- On the Custom Battle Controls page, the "Prisoner" can now modify the position of the transmission progress ratio adjustment button.

- Optimized the collision judgment of the tire model at the basement entrance on the Arms Factory map.

- Redesigned Geisha's costume - Yuko Ichihara's attack recovery action and Emote - Dance.

- Added an entrance to the Cross-platform Matchmaking in Five-player Mode.

- The fifth week of the 2023 Autumn IJL's regular matches has ended! As we prepare to enter December, only two more weeks of regular matches remain. Rankings are beginning to stabilize, but there is still a chance to turn things around! Many clubs have overcome their shortcomings from the first round and are now claiming victories with renewed strength and improved tactics. The playoffs at the end of the season are sure to be full of surprises, so stay tuned!

Passions for V! We will continue leading everyone through every exciting, action-packed moment in Identity V!
The match schedule for this week is as follows:

December 2, 2023 (Saturday)
14:00 - AXIZ vs FL
16:00 - FAV vs SZ
18:00 - AXIZ vs RC
December 3, 2023 (Sunday)
14:00 - FL vs FAV
16:00 - SZ vs AXIZ
18:00 - RC vs FAV
[Bug Fixes]

- Fixed an issue where, if the Novelist used Metaphor on a Hunter while near a Pallet, the Hunter's position would be incorrect after swapping locations.

- Fixed an issue with the Mercenary's "Shizuka Domeki" costume where his hand would display abnormally when placed on a Rocket Chair.

- Fixed an issue with the Geisha's "Yuko Ichihara" costume where her toes would display abnormally while performing certain actions.

- Fixed an issue with the Geisha's "Yuko Ichihara" costume where her footsteps made abnormal sounds while walking in the Room.

- Fixed an issue with the Geisha's "Yuko Ichihara" costume where her head would be abnormal while performing certain Ballooning actions.

- Fixed an issue with Guard 26's Remote-controlled Bomb where its model would display abnormally under certain circumstances.

- Fixed an issue where, after enabling Custom Keybinds, the Bloody Queen cannot drag on the right side of the screen while releasing her Mirror Shadow.

- Fixed an issue where the Toy Merchant's Toy Box would show an incorrect prompt when there were no items inside.

- Fixed an issue where, while using Dispel Souls, Axe Boy's Resentful Soul would sometimes fail to hit the Forward if he was dashing.

- Fixed an issue where certain Survivor interactions would display abnormally after being rescued and "Disguised" as the First Officer.

- Fixed an issue where Survivors could avoid getting hit by "Fool's Gold's" Collapse by interacting with certain Pallets.

- Fixed an issue with the Embalmer's "Gatto" costume where his character model would overlap with his item while moving around the map injured.

- Fixed an issue where Survivors using the Hide and Seek/Mischief Emotes in combat would sometimes cause lag for other players.

- Fixed an issue in Duo Hunters mode where Points earned by players were sometimes issued incorrectly.

- Fixed an issue where the Grave Keeper's position would display abnormally after leaving Underground Sneak in the vicinity of Mad Eyes' Fence.

- Fixed an issue where the Dancer's position would display abnormally after using Glide in specific locations on the Red Church map.

- Fixed the issue where The Breaking Wheel might not work when quickly clicking the direction key.

- Fixed the issue where the Empathize button remains on the interface of other Survivors after the "Psychologist" leaves the Manor.

- Fixed the issue of abnormal font display on the login interface in some languages.
[Next Week's Preview]

- The Christmas-themed A-Rarity Costume "Evil Reptilian - Christmas Party" is returning to the Shop for a limited time.

- Christmas theme [B-rarity Costume] Barmaid - Xmas Ensemble, cowboy - Xmas Ensemble limited time return to the Event Shop.
Penalties for Violations

It has recently come to our attention that a small number of players have violated our code of conduct through delaying tactics, intentionally losing, idling, playing negatively, using cheats, cheating in Blackjack mode, and hindering matchmaking for top-ranked matches, all of which significantly affect the experience of other players. We have started punishing these violations in order to provide a healthy gaming environment for everyone. We also encourage you to use the in-game reporting system when encountering the behaviors above. Let us work together to maintain order and integrity in the Manor.