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IOS-Android data migration notice

Transfer Code Application Guide:
1. Tap [User Center] in the login interface.
2. Tap [Switch Account] on the left.
3. Tap [Migrate].
4. Enter your Transfer Code and password, then complete login.
5. Once the migration is complete, you'll be redirected to the login interface. Tap on the screen to enter the game.
Transfer Code Generation Rules and Precautions:
1. When logging into clients on the same platform, it's best to link your preferred social media accounts and select the corresponding login method in the login interface.
2. If you choose to migrate character data via a Transfer Code and wish to use your existing social media accounts to log in, please unlink the SNS account before migrating and relink it once the migration is complete.
3. Please keep your Transfer Code safe and avoid sharing it with others. You may set a secondary password to protect your game data.
4. Transfer Codes are valid for 30 days after generation. Once expired, you must generate a new Transfer Code if you wish to migrate your character data.
5. Migration can only be completed once every 30 days. 
(Note: While your character is under the 30-day migration cooldown period, you cannot use a Transfer Code in the new client.)
Transfer Code Precautions:
1. Accounts remain unlinked after migration. Please link your account to a login method immediately to avoid losing the account. 
(Note: Please note that after selecting [Link Account], it's likely that your account data will be lost if you select [Switch Account] right away.)
2. After migration, if some social media accounts cannot be linked, or the interface displays a notification saying it's already linked to another account, please contact Customer Service and provide the necessary information.